Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ever since the cold went away this spring we have been finding toads in our yard.  It is about one per week.  The big kids love it.  They play with them in a bucket (or backpack) for the day and then we let it go.  We bought a toad house once but that didn't work.  Possibly because the kids use it for a toy themselves, therefore the toads never have a chance to use it.  It is so much fun watching and hearing their excitement everytime they find a new one.  I think I may need to consider what we can do to encourage more at our house.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend started with a fun treat from Brian.

A co-worker of his, Hillbilly, is from Tennessee. He had gone back home to visit family and brought a truck bed full of these watermelons home. Brian then brought ours home for us. Here is what made the watermelon such a treat.

That's right, it is orange. I had never seen an orange watermelon. It did not taste much different than a normal red one, but it sure played tricks with you when you would look at it.

Later that weekend we went to Sheboygan to play at Lake Michigan. I just love the name of that town and the beach is amazing too.

The kids sure had a lot of fun.

4th Grade

It does not seem like it was that long ago when Angela was this cute little two-year old girl running around our apartment.

Now she is a beautiful nine year-old girl running around our house and starting 4th grade.

Where did the time go? She was not very ready to start school but once she did she has really been enjoying it. She has been getting reacquainted with her old friends and meeting some new friends. We have had someone at the house a couple of night each week. She has started a youth group type program at the church and is having a lot of fun with that. She also has a locker at school and thinks that is something else. She has been able to roller blade to school and then keep her roller blades in her locker. She said that no other kids do that so some have that she is neat to be able to do that - and she likes that attention. Thus far, homework has been pretty easy for her. It is mostly review work. So she likes it for now, but I wonder if she still will like it when it gets a bit more difficult. Hopefully she will. Here's to a great 4th grade year!