Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bunny!

Last year I found a baby bunny under Brian's truck.  I thought it would be so fun to catch.  Why, I don't know.  I have no idea what I would have done with it had I caught it.  But I guess I didn't need to worry about it because just as I was about to get it, Angela tried to help and it darted off.  That turned into one of those "You know when..." stories that the kids and I would tell Brian. 

This past Sunday Brian and I were planting some flowers when we must have scared up another bunny.  I don't think it was a newborn but it definitely was not full grown.  We launched ourselves into a ten to fifteen minute bunny hunt.  We recruited the kids to help get a box and guard areas of the fence/yard.  At one point we thought it was gone but then we found it again.  There were so many laughs and squeals of joy as we were trying to catch it.  Finally we caught it.
Again, I don't know why?  We had no intention of heading down to the TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) to buy a hutch and other rabbit equipment.  I really didn't want another animal to haul to the vet and take care of.  But it was really cute.  We let the kids watch over it while we finished our planting.  Then we let it go.  Angela was a little sad but seemed to understand.  Connor was devastated and cried for nearly a half an hour.  Today he put carrot pieces onto the sidewalk trying to lure it back to us.  Emeric just liked looking at it and laughing but since it is gone he is okay.  I guess until next time it will be a memory for the big kids.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter 2011

My oh my, Easter 2011.  The afternoon before Easter a friend and I had gone out for a little bit of shopping.  Brian ended up having to call me home because he had gotten called to go to St. Louis, Missouri to help restore power.  We had a babysitter all lined up for that evening so we could go on a date.  When he called he said that he had canceled her.  I had to have him call he back and confirm since I still had to do most of my Easter basket shopping and all of my grocery shopping for that week.  I had not prepared anything for Easter day because I just assumed that I would have Brian there to help me.  To say the least, it was a long crazy night.  I got the kids in bed and the sitter came.  I did all of my shopping.  I had some pies to make for a lady a church, my breakfast for at home and the casserole for brunch at church to get done that night.  I got the baskets all set up and the eggs all stuffed.  I was outside with my flashlight at 12:30 AM hiding eggs.  After a few short hours of sleep, it was time to get up with the kids. 

I headed downstairs to find our monkey bread had exploded out of the pan.
I had to stuff the pieces back into the pan and it seemed to turn out okay.  Emeric seemed to think it was very neat to find a pile of goodies just for him.   
All three kids really seemed excited to see that they had new toys and treats waiting for them. Connor loved opening the curtains to see eggs hidden (or not hidden) outside. I think he most liked the fact that there were three eggs on the trampoline.  They all three got flavored squeeze applesauces.  This was somethings they had never had before and the novelty of it seemed good.  We might have to try these as special treats when we travel. 
Connor got some new books for his tag reader that he was pretty excited about.
Angela seemed to really enjoy her new sun hat.  She wore it all day, although I have not seen her wear it since.
After breakfast it was time to head outside to get the Easter eggs.  I made the kids all stop to show off there Easter clothes and smiles.  Connor in all of his Easter finery always loves to pose for pictures.
Angela with her new glasses and looking just as beautiful as always.  She is another one that loves the pictures.
Emeric usually loves getting his picture taken too.  But he was caught up in all of the excitement and didn't want to stop for pictures this morning.
They are just antsy to go.  So I'll snap this picture quickly and let the get outside to hunt for eggs.
Emeric loved finding the eggs, but he didn't get the idea of searching for them.  We had to point them all out to him.
Angela got to find all of the high eggs.  There were quite a few that were put into some high and awkward places just to see how she could do.  She thought it was a blast having to find them.
Connor was running so quickly to try and find all the partially hidden eggs.  He was told he had to leave all the easy ones, such as the one on the deck behind him, for Emeric.  Even though they were each supposed to get a dozen eggs I believe he came in with a full bucket.  We had to separate them once he came into the house.
After going through the eggs we headed off to church.  We had brunch there and another egg hunt.  That afternoon we just relaxed around the house.  I took the kids to the park to play after Emeric's nap.  It was a beautiful day for playing on the toys.  That night dinner was very light.  I did not cook a big, full Easter dinner since Brian was gone.  Even thought he was gone and we missed him so much, I think it was a good day for the kids.

April - Photos of Kids

Well here it is, almost the end of May, and I realized that I did not post any photos of the kids from April.  Sorry about not having these up a few months ago.

Look for her in the dead center near the front.  Singing during her school's Spring Fling.

Enjoying a drink (chocolate milk, I think).

Seems to think it is a lot of fun to place his dishes on his head.

Since Easter was in April, I will make that another posting with plenty more pictures.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday the 13th

This past weekend, I heard many people complaining of Friday the 13th bad luck.  I sure didn't think it was a day full of bad luck.  Maybe that is because it was my birthday and it was fabulous. 

Some women turn 29 every year because they don't want to admit to being in their 30s.  I want to turn 29 every year because I got completely spoiled. 
I have some of the most amazing friends ever!

I woke up that morning thinking that it was going to be a day like any other.  Since Brian was out of town and the kids are a little too young, I didn't expect much.  I had just barely gotten out of bed and I was taking Emeric downstairs for breakfast when there was a knock at the door.  Mind you I am in just my bathroom (my summer one - so its a bit short) and before I could tell Angela and Connor not to open the door, they did.  Fortunately it was a friend of mine bringing me a little birthday treat.  It was a yummy brownie with nuts and frosting on top.  Did I mention it was really yummy.  I made it last three days and I even shared with the kids.  Before school Angela gave me a little note with a poem that said, "You're 29, so I've been told.  Did you know that you're really old!"  She also gave me some coupons that I can exchange for jobs around the house.  I can't wait to use them.  That morning, I did my weekly grocery shopping and then took Connor to speech.  When I got home a friend called asking if I would be home for her to bring me lunch.  Another yummy treat - Chinese food.  She got me a card and a beautiful necklace that I think I want to wear every day!  That afternoon, while scrubbing tubs and toilets, a friend left me a message saying she didn't think I should cook on my birthday and invited us all over for dinner.  That was something very exciting to look forward to.  After my cleaning there was a knock on the door.  Another friend had sent me a beautiful vase of flowers.  It is sitting on my kitchen counter where I can look at it many times throughout the day.  After school Angela had a program at the library.  While she was there I went shopping and got myself some new clothes.  It feels really good to get something nice to wear.  Dinner was wonderful (I was right to look forward to it).  While we were just getting ready to sit down I got a phone call inviting me to go out for drinks that evening.  I quickly found a babysitter and was able to enjoy a few drinks and some karaoke.  Whew, Friday is done, but my birthday was not.  I had a friend who was out of town Friday so she planned a girl's night/birthday party for Saturday evening.  We had some drinks, soaked our feet, painted our nails, ate snacks, laughed, played Cranium and had an all around good time.  I got the book One Yard Wonders which has been on my wish list for some time.  I have a few projects in mind that I can't wait to make.  I also got a bottle of wine that I am really looking forward to drinking.  

As you can see, 29 is Amazing!  I hope that next year I can turn 29 again.  Although 30 might just be better. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angela's Glasses

For a few months now, Angela has been doing some weird squinting-blinking thing with her eyes.  She kept talking about them feeling dry and/or goopy yet visine didn't help and there was never any goop.  We decided to make her an eye doctor appointment.  After a few test he said that her eyes are starting to cross a little bit so she is having to work extra hard to sort out her words.  That was why all the blinking, she was trying to get her eyes into focus.  She got herself a super cute pair of glasses that she will wear for reading, playing video games and the computer.  Angela said that nobody is teasing her and she is really glad about that.  It makes her want to wear them more often which makes me happy.

Isn't she just beautiful!