Laci's Pies

Pie...Who does not like pie?  Their nice, rich, flaky crust and yummy filling; what is not to like?  I have loved baking pies for a very long time.  It has been suggested that I try my hand at selling them.  Thus the creation of Laci's Pies.  I will bake pies on an order by order basis.  Below you will find a list of pies and the donation price of each one.  Thank you for taking the time to enjoy some homebaked goodness.

Pies - Donation Price  (fadded pies are not currently available)
Apple --- $10
Banana Cream --- $8
Buttermilk Pecan --- $8
Cherry --- $12
Chocolate Cream --- $8
Cinnamon Carrot
Coconut Cream --- $7
Custard --- $7
Eggnog Custard
Key Lime
Lemon Meringue --- $8
Peach --- $15
Pear Cranberry
Pecan --- $10
Pumpkin Cranberry
Rhubarb --- $8
Sour Cream Lemon --- $7
White Christmas --- $6

Once you have found a pie that you are interested in, it is time to enjoy.  Here is how you order one (or more):
-Give me a call, preferrably a day or two in advance.
-Let me know which pie(s) you would like.  I will try to make them as soon to when you need them as possible. 
-Set up a pick up date/time and come get your pies.