Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Frock By Friday

I am going to participate in a fun project next week called "A Frock By Friday". A bunch of online people will be sewing themselves dresses, myself included. We will start this Monday and we should have a dress to wear by next Friday. I am hoping that I could move mine a long a little and have it done by Thursday and I could possibly wear it to my MOPS meeting.  This might mean that I'll need to get a new pair of shoes.  I am really excited to give this a try as it will be my first attempt at making clothing for myself. I will keep you updated.

Randomness from ...

... yesterday, April 19th.

~ Waking up with a three year old in your bed could be a bad start to a day; but not when said three year old says, "Mommy, I love you so much!"
~ Hanging a seventh month old upside down will often cure him of crying.
~ It is fun to let a three year old dress himself: sweatshirt on backwards, pants that hit above the ankle, sandals on the wrong feet.
~ When on a walk with mom, every rock, stick and piece of trash is treasure to grab.  Then when mom only lets you keep one thing it is really hard to decide if you should keep the one in your hand or grab the new treasure you found.
~ Dog food, when placed in the water dish, will swell to a disgustingly huge size.
~ I was informed that "Boys have penis, Girls no have penis."
~ It is wonderful to watch big sister and baby brother bonding as she is feeding him dinner - sheer bliss for both of them (myself as well).
~ Where does the food go? Baby ate huge dinner of sweet potatoes with rice cereal, three year old ate two eggs and two waffles, and eight year old ate two eggs and four waffles. It must be the hallow legs.
~ An eight year old will hold onto the day as long as she can. Evidenced by still having her light on at 10:00 PM.
~ The bed is not very warm when there is no husband in it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Emeric at 7 Months

Today our little guy is 7 months old.  It has been a really fun last month as he is trying so many new foods.  Last month he had just started avacado and he would then be trying sweet potato.  He has sence had: banana, butternut squash, pears, rice cereal, plums, acorn squash and next will be mango.  So far the only thing he does not like is the rice cereal so we mix it in with his other foods.  I am getting this stock pile of baby food in the freezer that I will soon have to use up before our trip and then I'll have to make more once there.  He is getting super good at rolling over in all directions that many times we find him sleeping on his stomach after we've laid him down on his back. 
It is super cute and hey that is how I like to sleep so we don't worry too much.  He is so very close to sitting up on his own but he still topples over.  I know that he will get it before kindergarten but it is one more thing to wonder about.  So far no more teeth have sprouted but I would imaging some are close due to all the drool that he has been having. 
Here he is enjoying playing with his feet during a diaper change.  One time he was playing with his feet and he bit his toe.  That was a rude awakening for him when his two little teeth bit into his own toe.  He was not too happy.  He really likes being outdoors - when he is cranky it is one of the best ways to happy him up.  TTFN

First Camping Trip of 2010

We went camping over the weekend to Devil's Lake State Park.  This was our first trip out this year and our first trip in the camper.  It was only about 30 minutes away, but things seemed to go pretty well.  We took a couple of walks Saturday and the kids played a lot at the playground there.  Angela and Connor stayed on the table bed and it worked out really well.  Especially since we wore them out before bed.  Emeric had a snug little spot next to our bed. 
Once we got home we had to repack it for Brian to head out of town for work. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brian's Birthday...

...Came Early!
Friday, Brian got to "play" with his birthday present a few weeks early.  He got a 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior.  The picture does not do justice to how excited he is to be getting out on the road and riding.  Now we need to get a sitter so that he and I can go and ride together.  For now he will just have to settle taking some rides on his own. 

UPDATE: We were able to get the kids taken care of this evening and we went for a ride.  It sure was fun watching the sunset and feelling the wind whip by us as we cruised along.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March - Photos of Kids

Here are the March photos of the kids.  Slightly late, but here none the less.  Enjoy!
Oh my gosh - what a set of exercise balls will do to my daughter!
Trying to roller blade with the neighbor.
Enjoying a trip down the water slide.
He seemed to think that the toy was for him and not Emeric.
Sporting his St. Patrick's Day green.
Having some fun in the exersaucer.
What a good big sister Angela is reading to her brothers.
A rainbow cupcake with cloud frosting that the kids got to enjoy on St. Patrick's Day.