Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"S" Date

On Saturday February Sixteenth Brian and I enjoyed Sipping on a little Sparkly while Soaking in the Spa.  Otherwise referenced as....we drank some champagne while we were sitting in the hot tub.
It was a beautiful, sunny morning.  The kids were enjoying some cartoons and we were enjoying relaxing with each other. 
We had hoped to go snow shoeing but we have either not had the right time or the best snow for that.  Maybe before the winter is over we will get to go and try it.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Angela and Connor both had their conferences last Thursday (2.21.12) night.  It is so much fun to see their progress throughout the year. 
Connor is doing well in Kindergarten.  He is doing much more than Brian or I did when we were that age such as learning to read and working on addition problems.  The teacher said that there have been times where she couldn't find Connor and then she realizes he is over in the book nook "reading" (looking at) books.  He could sit for hours doing that.  But then he could also sit for hours at anything with a screen.  We are working at home to find a nice balance of that for him. 
Angela walked into her conference talking about how math is so difficult and how she doesn't feel she is doing very good.  Come to find out, her scores are high enough that the teacher has her in the harder math group.  No wonder it seems difficult.  The teacher and I agreed it is good for Angela to get stretched that way.  Here reading scores are up at an 8th or 9th grade level because though she tests up there we are not quite ready for her to be reading all the literature for that age level. 
We are so very proud of the two kids!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Connor Lost his Second Tooth

Almost within the week of loosing his first tooth, Connor lost his second tooth.  It was the one directly above the other one, which makes for a wonderful smile with a great big hole.

Better yet, it makes for a great place to put your straw while you are drinking.

He has another wiggly one, but Dad is a lot better at reminding him to wiggle them than I am.  But I am sure they will be coming out soon.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

James Bond (Quantum of Solace)

At times you just need to break out of your comfort zone and this ABC Dating has worked to do that for us.  'Q' was a difficult letter for me to come up with something.  The word quirky kept coming to mind but having a word and having a date are two very different things.  I then got thinking about this idea I had seen on the Internet revolving around James Bond.  I wanted to take Brian out to the new Bond movie but back into January it was not in a theater near us.  So I settled for an older Bond movie which worked perfectly for the letter Q - Quantum of Solace. 
It was the night of our monthly date night exchange.  The kids were to be going to another house that was about five minutes from ours.  I had Brian drop them off without me and just to make sure I had enough time to prepare I had him run to the store for a bag of salad.  While he was gone I got our dinner cooking.


We had sole stuffed with a crab/cheese mixture, au gratin potatoes, green salad and martinis - shaken not stirred (of course).  As it was cooking I went and changed into my best "bond girl" outfit.  It was this funny little body suit I had found at a Goodwill type store years ago.  I purchased it just because I might need it someday and it had been sitting in my Halloween costume bag ever since.  Boy was I glad I had it for this date!!

Now dinner was cooking and I was dressed....time for the fun stuff.  I had purchased two single shot Nerf guns.  I closed the baby gate by the back door and left one gun and one dart sitting next to a note.  The note read: Welcome home dear!!  There are two things you should know.  1: This gun is yours 2: I have one too  You have 007 seconds until you are under attack.  I can not claim brilliance for this.  This is what I said I found on the Internet, unfortunately for me I couldn't seem to find it as I was typing this.  As soon as I do I will give credit where it is due.  After placing his gun and the note I placed 15 other darts strategically around the house.  Then I shut off all the lights in the house except for one little lamp.  Then I waited with my gun and two darts........!!
Let me tell you right here!  Waiting for him was so exciting.  I could feel my adrenaline pumping, my hands started to shake so bad that I could hardly update my FB status.  I was so nervous because I am not a good shot and Brian really is.  He is also very competitive when we get into sports type activities.  I knew I would be able to get off one or two shots before I was under a full blown Nerf assault.  It was exhilarating just waiting for him.
The time arrived...I watched him park the car then I went and crouched down behind the dining room table.  I heard him come in the door.  I could feel his pause as he found and read the note.  The best part of this was the little laugh/giggle/smirk noise that he made when he realized that we were going to play.  I watched as he threw the bag of salad into the kitchen and then the war was on!
It was so much fun!!!
People!  I am telling you!  You should play with your husbands a little more often.  It is totally worth it!
After a while of playing we went and made up our drinks and dished up our dinners.  It was nice and relaxing to enjoy a meal at our own table that once we sat down we didn't have to get up again until we were finished.  We didn't have to clean any messes or cut up any food but our own.  We talked, laughed, gazed into each other's eye and just enjoyed being a couple.
Then we snuggled on the couch to watch our movie.  Now what Jamison date wouldn't be complete with a little detour to the Corner Pocket.  About half way into the movie some friends called us to come and meet them for a drink.  So we did that, picked up the kids and came home to finish the second half of the movie. 
Perfect - Perfect - Perfect evening!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Connor Lost his First Tooth!

Connor's bottom right front tooth has been loose for a while.  I would encourage him to wiggle it but it never seemed like he worked that hard on it.  Little did I know he and Brian had been wiggleing it really good every night before bed.  Thursday night Brian called me upstairs to help them pull the tooth out.  I have pulled my own but I have never pulled another person's.  Brian always did all of Angela's.  It was a weird feeling to feel it crack under my finger but it was pretty neat to see my little guy with the hole in the front of his mouth! 

He really liked getting to tell/show his teacher and the fact that the tooth fairy brought him ten dimes!!!

Blog Trouble

I have spoken to a couple of people who have pointed out that the blog has been pretty quiet lately.  That is by no means a silly oversight of mine and I do apologize for it.  About three months ago I received a error message while posting to the blog.  It told me I had used up all of my photo space that my free account allowed me.  I could either one: adjust my account settings; or two: pay a monthly fee for the account.  So, I changed my settings and got about another 4-6 weeks without any trouble.  Then I tried to post again and it just wouldn't let me put any pictures on.  There was no error message or anything like that, I just could not get anything to work.  I struggle still to find any customer service that can help me to fix this problem.  So I just waited and waited....for what I am not sure but I was waiting. 
I am now to the point that I either go back to my 2008 posts and start deleting photos OR I just do only word post, with no photos, from now on. 
Care to leave a comment on your preference?????
For now I will try to get a couple of posts up over the weekend to sooth your curious, loving minds.

Too Funny that as soon as I post this I decide to go back and try putting pictures in one more time and guess what????  You guessed it!!!  It worked.  I have one new post up and there will be a couple more here soon.  Love to you all!