Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tuesday night I opened up my crock of sauerkraut and boy did it stink (in a good sauerkraut sort of way).  I got five quarts when I canned it.  I wanted to do pints, but Brian said bigger was better and that way we would have them for BBQs and when we have company over.  I am really please at how pretty they look, but I was a little disappointed that I never got to hear the "pop" of the lids sealing.  I guess with some of the new lids that just doesn't happen much any more.  At least I know that they did seal and it sure will taste good on some brats or sausages.

Connor is * 4 *

On Sunday the 7th, my baby turned 4.  It is absolutely amazing how fast time can go.  I remember people telling me to enjoy the baby times because they would soon be gone and now four years later I wonder where they went. 

That morning I woke up and went to relax in Emeric's room before anyone else woke up.  Once I heard everyone else stirring I grabbed Emeric and we headed out.  I met Brian in the hall and he asked me where Connor was.  I assumed he was in his bedroom, but when we checked it was empty.  I was afraid that he was downstairs getting into his cake so when quickly headed down, calling his name.  We looked around downstairs and could not find him.  About the time just after feeling uneasy and just before panic we noticed the basement light was on and the door was slightly open.  We went down there asking if he was downstairs.  Sure enough he says yes.  We had hidden unopened present in the basement and he had seen it the day before.  Brian told him he had to wait.  So that morning he grabbed the kitchen stool and headed down to retrieve it.  It was too funny.

We had a good breakfast of waffles and went to church.  Our thought was to have lunch and then open presents and have cake and ice cream.  We got lunch ready but there was not waiting to eat it.  He was so very ready to open his presents.  He got some clothes, cars, a movie, books, a lamp, a castle and a video game.  He spent the entire afternoon playing with all of his toys. 

His birthday cake was an adventure all in itself.  I have a birthday cake book and I usually let the kids pick from there what they would like for their birthday cake.  It is super easy, just follow the directions.  Connor, of course, can't do it the easy way.  He tells me about a month before his birthday that he wants an Optimus Prime cake.  The night before his birthday, Brian (as my coach) and I spent about an hour making his cake.  I had one of Connor's toys spread out and I did my best to replicate it.  He was really please with it; especially after he put the balloons into Optimus' hands.  All in all it was a good birthday.

Madison Children's Museum

On Thursday November 4th, we took the kids to the Madison Children's Museum.  There are three levels of fun activities for kids and parents to enjoy.  The first level had a younger kid's area that Connor had a lot of fun running around in.  Emeric had fun crawling around there once it cleared out a little bit. 

The second level had a huge climbing/slide toy.  Angela played in there almost the entire time.  After Connor tried it a couple of times he was hooked too.

The third level is on the roof and it was quite cold that night.  There were chickens that were put away in their roost, but they graciously let me pet them.  Then there was a little hands on nature room.  It did not hold their attention too long.  The second floor also had a great art area with a very cool paint wall.  I am trying to figure out how to get one of those at our house.

I am sure there is a lot we missed; I guess that means we will have to go back again.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October - Photos of Kids

October seemed like a busier month for the camera - so here are some photos to enjoy.
Taking a break from home work in the car to smile for the camera.

"Do you like my new haircut?"  (Which was followed up yesterday with, "Mom if I ask you to cut my hair again, tell me "No" so that I can grow it out.")

"The inside of a pumpin feels soooo grooossssss!"

Always posing for the picture.

Is it Connor or a pile of leaves or both?

Helping Dad work on the truck.

Look at him in his "big boy" carseat.

"If I stand up in the back of the car and stick my head out of the window, what will I be able to see?"

Trying hard to cause trouble before he gets caught.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This year for Halloween all three kids had quite the time coming up with their costumes.  Angela wanted to be a ballerina, so we bought a bunch for tulle to make her tu-tu.  Last week she decided that she and I did not have the same vision for her costume and she did not want to do it.  She was told that she had to come up with something that would not cost anything since we had already spent a bunch of money for the other idea.  She ended up being an office girl.

Connor wanted to be Batman.  That never changed, I just ran into some sewing machine troubles as I was making it.  In the end it turned out fine.

Emeric was going to be Spiderman, because I had found a free costume on CraigsList.  Unfortunatly the person who listed it never followed through on meeting me.  I had a friend loan me an old costume of her son and so Emeric was a pumpkin.

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins has been a very rare experience in our home.  It is not something that I am overly fond of so we tend to not do it.  After talking to a friend Thursday evening and being presented with two free pumpkins the decision was made for me.  We purchased a pumpkin carving kit and on Saturday evening, Connor and Angela went to work (with Dad's help).  

Connor made a nice smiley face.

Angela made a scarey vampire.

They thought it was a lot of fun!