Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Batting Cage

October's ABC Date happened this past Saturday.  We enjoyed a little bit of batting practice at the High School's batting cages.  It is really funny what you will find when you start to ask around.  I was at church during Logos (or Wednesday night youth program) a couple of weeks ago.  I asked one boy, who I know plays baseball, if he had or knew where to get a pitching machine.  You see Brian and I were trying to step out of the norm for the ABC dates.  We knew we could have done a bar or bowling, but we wanted to do something different.  That is when we thought of batting practice.  So this boy I am talking to maybe thought he could get us access to one across town, but he did not think we could take it to the batting cages.  That is when another boy who had overheard my question said that his family owned a non-electric pitching machine that we could borrow whenever we wanted.  YES!  We had struck gold.  We had the babysitter for a two hour time frame.  We did not spend the entire time batting but what we did bat was a lot of fun.  At first I couldn't hit the ball.  I am sure it was because the machine was not dialed in properly and not at all because of me... then again?  After a while I got back into the hang of hitting a ball that is pitched to you and not just lobbed in the backyard.  Brian was right on from the beginning.  You could see he was having to hold back with his swings because he was afraid of hitting them too hard and possibly getting me.  I am really glad that we stepped out and did something neither of us has done in a really long time.  Our "B" date ended up with a lot more B's than just batting cage.  We had burritos for lunch.  That night during dinner we enjoyed some beergaritas.  It was not a recipe that sounded very good, but once we tried it it wasn't too bad.  The next day, which was our anniversary, we spent the entire day at the beach.  It was just our typical Lake Michigan trip and it was wonderful, like always. 

The biggest "B" of all might have been Saturday night after the kids had gone to bed.  Brian became bald.  Sure you are thinking, he was already going that direction.  Well we helped it out a bit and 'bic'ed his head clean.  It was really a shock to the kids when they got up.  Connor told him to grow it back and shave his goatee off.  Angela just kept saying, "NO! NO!  That is not right."  Emeric just wasn't sure.  I tell you it does look a bit different, especially since his face and neck are so tan and now his head is not.  

Regardless, he is very handsome (with or without hair)!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September - Photos of Kids

Happy October 5th to everyone!  These have been such wonderful days we are having hear.  Cool (chilly) crisp mornings and warm comfortable afternoons.  I've got to get this post done quick so that Emeric and I can get a run in before we head to the library for story time.  I haven't seen any comments lately so I hope that people are still looking at the blog?
"Help! Help! I have fallen in the well.  Where is Lassie when I need him?  Probably off saving little Timmy...!"

Even with her knees bent she can not fit under the new cupboards.  She is getting so very tall.  It won't be but another few months and she will be as tall as I am.

Helping Mom bake cookies.

Proudly wearing his medal after finishing the Madison Zoo "Roo Run Run".

Helping Mom with the vacuuming.

I believe this is what you would call, getting into reading!