Saturday, August 13, 2011

July - Photos of Kids

Enjoying a backyard sleep out with some friends.  They started in the tent, but non of them lasted. 

In the blue shirt and pink helmet up to bat.  At this point, she hit the ball but got thrown out at first base.

A beautiful butterfly face!

Having fun playing at the beach!

"Flying" on one of the rides at the fair.  He had a gun that he kept "shooting" Angela and I with.

He is not sure whether or not he will be a fire fighter or a navy seal, but for the sake of the fair rides...he was a good fire engine driver.

Playing with the dead fish at the beach.  (I know, I know - we are fabulous parents!)

When you let your son feed himself pudding, it ends up in more that just his mouth.

Then you need to wash said pudding boy and it is easier to do when he is naked.  Fortunately for me he is being quite modest in this photo.  Normally he is running around the house naked, playing with himself and laughing (that did not come from my side).

We had to make treats for Angela's last softball game.  So we made a couple dozen softballs.  While we were at it we made dinosaurs for snack for Connor's summer school class.  After the softballs and a few dozen dinosaurs I was ready to be done with cookies until Halloween or Christmas.

July Update

It never feels like we are very busy at our house. We are home a lot and out and about but it never seems that busy. A little over a month ago we had some friends over for dinner and when the husband looked at our calendar his jaw dropped. It was a classic cartoon jar drop where I thought I would have to snap it back up like a window shade. In a state of shock maybe, he talked about how busy we are. The funny thing is, the calendar only holds the scheduled stuff I need to remember. Things like school, church, grocery shopping and other natural, normal things are not written on the calendar. So with that, I either end up forgetting the camera or forgetting to post. So I will try to make this post make up for things.

4th of July we spent at Lake Michigan, but that was the posting before this one. Brian got laid off the Wednesday after the 4th. Fortunately it was only for a week and a half. The kids had another two weeks of summer school. This time they did not have as many projects or activities to report on. They both enjoyed the classes so much. I think it is helping Connor be excited for pre-school this fall. Brian and I saw Harry Potter part 7 which was a great date for us! Brian's job took him out of town for the entire week since it was a little over three hours from home, East of Green Bay. Thankfully we have a nice camper for him to live in. The county fair came while Brian was gone. The kids and I went down for a church sponsored dinner one night and then returned on another night for the animals and rides. Angela finished up her softball season. I think overall she had fun, but she doesn't seem to have any interest in playing next year. Although I am sure things can change, they always do. The big kids had a week of VBS (vacation Bible school) at the start of August. Brian got laid off for about a half a week. He is now working just south of Milwaukee which is about two hours from home. He is driving this everyday so that he can kiss the kids goodnight and spend a little time with me. Lastly, I spent a week in Nashville for a vacation and conference. I know I missed the family greatly, but it was hard to get back into the swing of mothering and caring for the house. I am sure Brian was ready to get back to work after having the kids for the week. My brother flew out here to visit us for the week that I was in Nashville. We originally thought Brian would be working so Tyler was going to have the kids. Instead both Brian and Tyler were daddies for the week. My parents will be arriving on the train this coming Monday and they will be staying for a week. While they are here we will be running just about non-stop, even worse than we normally do. Then it won't be but shortly after that that school is starting and WOW that will be a change with Angela in 5th grade, Connor in pre-school and Emeric still home with me. Lots of fun for the Jamison family!