Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween (A little early)

Downtown Portage had a trick-or-treating good time this morning. The businesses were offering a safe way for the kids to get out and get candy. I know this is like many other places all over. Well we decided that since we don't really know the town that we would take the kids out to this for an early Halloween. Angela was a princess/queen. We kept calling her a princess, she kept saying she was a queen and that she was in charge (ha ha). She looked very pretty in her pink dress and tiara. Just a side note for those who didn't hear the story: Angela, bound and determined, won that tiara herself at a carnival in Spokane. Connor was a dog. When we got into Portage we had some time to kill before the activities started. Connor did not want to wear his costume but he held on tight giving it a hug for almost 45 minutes. We finally talked him into wearing it and he looked great. Angela is an old pro at trick-or-treating so she just did her thing. Being that this is Connor's second Halloween he was a bit new. He did his best to say "trick-or-treat," which came out sounding like, "teeeet." And when he learned that it got him treats he was very eager to say it. Both of them following up with a "Thank You." What good kids we have. Now that that is done, I think we will stay in for Halloween night.

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Ruhammie said...

Cute Pictures! I can't wait to show you ours. We're going to work as Mike Wizowski and Celia form Monsters Inc. I'm not sure what Marc is going to be. I love the new country farm pic too! It's so cool! Did you take it?