Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Brian's work shuts down for the week of Thanksgiving. Last year that was a big bummer as the kids and I were in WA during that time. This year it wasn't too bad as we got to spend a lot of family time together. He and I each came up with a list of things we wanted to get accomplished and it was a real blessing to see things getting crossed off the list. One really fun thing for Brian was to be able to walk Angela to and from school.
We had a really enjoyable Thanksgiving. I was not very excited for Thanksgiving to come as I knew I would really be missing the family/friends back home. But to my surprise it was a really great day. We celebrated with two other families that do not have any extended family in the area. There were the six adults plus six kids ranging from age 8 to 7 weeks. We spent about eight hours there and had our fill of a yummy dinner and lots of pie. I definitely couldn't have planned a better day.
My big project for the week was painting the accents in the kitchen. The previous owner must have painted all the other rooms first and then decided she did not want to take the time to paint accents as the whole room was one color. Now it looks much prettier and it matches everywhere else.
We finished off his week of by spending the afternoon at the pool yesterday. It was Emeric's first time in the pool. He really seemed to enjoy it. I have a sling that is made to wear in the water. He was snuggled in so nicely that the movement of the water put him to sleep. Angela is really getting good at swimming and she loves jumping off the diving board. Connor also loves the water and it won't be long until he is swimming by himself. (see next posting for some pool pictures)
Today was a difficult day for everyone as Brian had to go back to work. After having ten days off going back seems like such a chore and we all really miss him.

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