Monday, April 19, 2010

Emeric at 7 Months

Today our little guy is 7 months old.  It has been a really fun last month as he is trying so many new foods.  Last month he had just started avacado and he would then be trying sweet potato.  He has sence had: banana, butternut squash, pears, rice cereal, plums, acorn squash and next will be mango.  So far the only thing he does not like is the rice cereal so we mix it in with his other foods.  I am getting this stock pile of baby food in the freezer that I will soon have to use up before our trip and then I'll have to make more once there.  He is getting super good at rolling over in all directions that many times we find him sleeping on his stomach after we've laid him down on his back. 
It is super cute and hey that is how I like to sleep so we don't worry too much.  He is so very close to sitting up on his own but he still topples over.  I know that he will get it before kindergarten but it is one more thing to wonder about.  So far no more teeth have sprouted but I would imaging some are close due to all the drool that he has been having. 
Here he is enjoying playing with his feet during a diaper change.  One time he was playing with his feet and he bit his toe.  That was a rude awakening for him when his two little teeth bit into his own toe.  He was not too happy.  He really likes being outdoors - when he is cranky it is one of the best ways to happy him up.  TTFN

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Ruhammie said...

WOW! He's gotten so big!! I love reading your updates. Miss you all!