Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday March 20th

Sundays tend to be pretty lazy at our houses.  We go to church, but other than that we usually try not to make plans.  We try to keep it as a family day. 

Sunday March 20th started like just about any other Sunday.  We slept in a little then slowly got the kids up and started to figure out breakfast.  I was making corned beef and cabbage for dinner so I got the meat cooking in the crock pot.  I did not want to make a big breakfast that day so it was cereal for the kids.  Emeric had been a little sick lately and so Brian stayed home from Church with him.  Angela and Connor went to Sunday School and then they and I went to church.  Connor's class sang that morning and he did a very good job (too bad I forgot the camera).  We came home and had left over lunch.  It is something we do every Sunday because it is quick and easy after church.  I like it because it cleans out the fridge.  Angela doesn't really like it because she doesn't want left overs.  Oh well, you can't please them all.  We put Emeric to bed and had a quiet afternoon (Angela and Connor playing - Brian and Emeric napping - Laci baking). 

Here comes the slight difference from a normal Sunday.  After nap time, all three kids were upstairs.  Connor yells down, "Dad, my lip is bleeding!"  Connor is still taking his speech classes and he is getting better, but Brian couldn't understand him.  After I translated he goes walking upstairs to find out what is going on.  It seems that Emeric got into the bathroom cupboard and he and Connor each had a disposable razor.  Fortunately, Emeric was fine, but not Connor.  He decided to shave his mustache, and cut his upper lip.  Well of course Brian cleaned him up and we secured the razors - disaster avoided, right?  Wrong!  About 30 minutes later Brian has pulled the corned beef out of the pot and cut it up for dinner.  I was quickly looking up something on the computer and Brian was calling Angela and Connor to come down for dinner.  That is when simultaneously we heard a really weird sound and Connor making a weird screaming/yelling sound.  Brian looks at Connor on the stairs.  Connor is sitting on the stairs with his legs spread wide and he is quickly trying to back up the stairs and away from Emeric.  Emeric is holding an 8" slicing knife (like the photo)

psycho style and he is heading up the stairs with it.  At each step he is swinging it down and poking it into the stairs almost as if he were using it to steady himself as he is climbing up.  Connor is trying to save his feet from getting stabbed by the knife.  With a half a second of panic (from me) Brian takes the knife from him and puts it away.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  Now we know that Emeric can reach the counters and things will need to be kept towards the back of the counters so we all stay safe.

I hope we don't have another Sunday like that!   

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Tami Jo said...

Oh my word - now that is way to much "excitement" for one day.