Saturday, August 13, 2011

July - Photos of Kids

Enjoying a backyard sleep out with some friends.  They started in the tent, but non of them lasted. 

In the blue shirt and pink helmet up to bat.  At this point, she hit the ball but got thrown out at first base.

A beautiful butterfly face!

Having fun playing at the beach!

"Flying" on one of the rides at the fair.  He had a gun that he kept "shooting" Angela and I with.

He is not sure whether or not he will be a fire fighter or a navy seal, but for the sake of the fair rides...he was a good fire engine driver.

Playing with the dead fish at the beach.  (I know, I know - we are fabulous parents!)

When you let your son feed himself pudding, it ends up in more that just his mouth.

Then you need to wash said pudding boy and it is easier to do when he is naked.  Fortunately for me he is being quite modest in this photo.  Normally he is running around the house naked, playing with himself and laughing (that did not come from my side).

We had to make treats for Angela's last softball game.  So we made a couple dozen softballs.  While we were at it we made dinosaurs for snack for Connor's summer school class.  After the softballs and a few dozen dinosaurs I was ready to be done with cookies until Halloween or Christmas.

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