Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September - Photos of Kids

Happy October 5th to everyone!  These have been such wonderful days we are having hear.  Cool (chilly) crisp mornings and warm comfortable afternoons.  I've got to get this post done quick so that Emeric and I can get a run in before we head to the library for story time.  I haven't seen any comments lately so I hope that people are still looking at the blog?
"Help! Help! I have fallen in the well.  Where is Lassie when I need him?  Probably off saving little Timmy...!"

Even with her knees bent she can not fit under the new cupboards.  She is getting so very tall.  It won't be but another few months and she will be as tall as I am.

Helping Mom bake cookies.

Proudly wearing his medal after finishing the Madison Zoo "Roo Run Run".

Helping Mom with the vacuuming.

I believe this is what you would call, getting into reading!

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