Friday, February 17, 2012

Emeric is off the Sassa!

Emeric has been off of his sassa (pacifier) for about a week and a half.  This past Monday, February 6th, he had taken one out of his room to play with.  This was a big "No No" as he was only to be using them while he was in his bed.  But alas what two year old listens completely to his mother?  Before I chose to get it from him and put it away he had lost or misplaced it.  That was okay because we had one more, no worries.  Then the very next day, Tuesday February 7th, he did the exact same thing with his other sassa.  You would think he and I would have learned the first time.  That night the five of us were frantically searching every spot in the house we could think of to find the two lost sassas.  NO LUCK!  Brian and I decided it must be time to wean Emeric.  We knew we had wanted to do it sometime this spring but we were no really committed to doing it now....but we knew we were not driving to the Wal-Mart to buy more.  We were quite nervous about this and had even joked in the past that when we weaned Emeric Brian would have to sleep in the camper so that he would actually be rested for work.  That first night was absolutely amazing.  Emeric must have been exhausted because he went straight to sleep with no fussing.  He did get up a little earlier than normal the next morning but truly 6:00 AM is not that bad.  The next night was not quite as good, he cried for about ten minutes.  Again that is not that bad.  He has been good ever since.  His nap times have been a little hit or miss, some days he sleeps, some days he plays.  He has more play days than sleep days, but he was already starting onto that before he lost his sassas.

Then this past Tuesday night, as I was putting Connor to bed, I found one of them!  It was hidden between Connor's mattress and his bed frame.  Oh how badly I wanted to keep it.  I thought just to give it to him when he is fussing and things would be all better.  Or to give to him at nap time so maybe he would sleep.  But no, I had to remain strong, so into the bottom of the trash it went.  I only hope that I find the last one too or else Emeric would keep it.  He had been asking for his and I would tell him it is gone.  Then he would ask if Daddy could find it.  That has stopped now.  He will comment on other kids who have theirs and we will tell him they are babies and he is a big boys so he doesn't need one.  He hasn't attacked anyone and stole theirs so I think maybe we are all okay.

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