Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrestling Tournament

Connor participated in his first wrestling meet this past Sunday.  Brian and I were requested to help with the meet and silly me, I signed us up for the early shift.  We got up at 6:30 AM and got to the High School at about 6:50.  Connor's first match wasn't until about 10:20.  It really ended up being a long day with a lot of waiting. 

Connor's age/weight bracket was made up of four boys.  They were going to do a little round robbin arrangement with each boy wrestling three times.  His first match he was paired up with a boy from his team.  I don't believe they have practiced together so this match turned out pretty good.  I was quite worried that he would lose right away but he fought through all three rounds.  He did end up loosing 12-4 but he sure tried hard. 

His second match he won due to receiving a forfeit from the other boy.  His third match was against a boy that seemed very good for their age.  He was pinned within 30 seconds but he didn't seem to bothered by it.

Since there were only four boys in his bracket and one boys forfeited two of his matches Connor ended up placing third.  He got a metal and got to stand up on the podium.  He really seemed to enjoy that.

Overall I think he had an enjoyable time but like I said it was a long day as we didn't leave there until 3:00 PM.

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