Thursday, January 3, 2013

Punishment Paradox

What in the world are you thinking when you read this title????  I needed a name for our "P" date, so I asked my brother to help me figure something out.  We were going to the Horny Goat in Milwaukee to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater put on by the Murder Mystery Company.  I did not know how to transform "Murder Mystery" into a "P" date....but he figured it out!  Thus we attended a Punishment Paradox!  We went with my mom and dad.  On our way we talked about what we thought would happen.  I expected us to all just be the audience and watch the company put on a show for us.  At the most I thought we might have to add in some verbal "oooohhhhhs" and "aaaaahhhhhs" at specific cued spots.  Boy was I wrong.
They picked about a dozen audience member to play the cast of the murder mystery.  Of all the people from our table (which only ended up being the four of us) they picked Brian!

He became the lovely Justin Cesar.  He was a zoologist who really liked snakes and frogs.

Here is the MC introducing him to the audience. (Can you see the uber red cheeks?)
~Wonderful camera phones!~
From the moment we arrived we noticed Santa walking around welcoming everyone.  He had also been enjoying the party longer than we had as evidenced by his half full bottle of booze he was carrying around.  Not to mention all the stumbling he was doing.  He ended up passing out in his Santa chair at one point during the cast introductions.

To our amazement Santa died while we were eating our salads.  The cause of death???  Poison from poison dart frogs, which Justin Cesar and some other characters had access to. 
After talking and playing his part through dinner and dessert I was relieved to find out I am not married to a murder. But Justin's girlfriend Marsha Mallow was.  Good thing he dumped her when he turned in that SEXY Red Snakeskin hat. 


I think we all had a really good time!!

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