Friday, February 8, 2013

Blog Trouble

I have spoken to a couple of people who have pointed out that the blog has been pretty quiet lately.  That is by no means a silly oversight of mine and I do apologize for it.  About three months ago I received a error message while posting to the blog.  It told me I had used up all of my photo space that my free account allowed me.  I could either one: adjust my account settings; or two: pay a monthly fee for the account.  So, I changed my settings and got about another 4-6 weeks without any trouble.  Then I tried to post again and it just wouldn't let me put any pictures on.  There was no error message or anything like that, I just could not get anything to work.  I struggle still to find any customer service that can help me to fix this problem.  So I just waited and waited....for what I am not sure but I was waiting. 
I am now to the point that I either go back to my 2008 posts and start deleting photos OR I just do only word post, with no photos, from now on. 
Care to leave a comment on your preference?????
For now I will try to get a couple of posts up over the weekend to sooth your curious, loving minds.

Too Funny that as soon as I post this I decide to go back and try putting pictures in one more time and guess what????  You guessed it!!!  It worked.  I have one new post up and there will be a couple more here soon.  Love to you all!

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