Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brian is here!

Brian made it here safely yesterday. He was actually able to get an earlier flight and therefore got into Spokane much earlier than expected. We were able to go out to dinner and the head up to our hotel. The hot tub, at the hotel, sure felt nice before we went to bed. Then again this morning before breakfast. We got the last of our shopping done. We enjoyed a beautiful drive up to my parents and the kids were so excited to see him. Angela jumped up into his arms the minute he walked through the door. Connor was in him room (we thought he was asleep), but he must have heard us. He came running out, almost tripping over his feet and choking up with happiness that "Daddy" was home. He quickly put his pacifier away (he must have thought, "No more nap for me!") to run back into Brian's arms. They are staying pretty close to him right now. It is great to have the family all back together.

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