Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Happens When ...

... Your Daughter is out of School for the Summer?

She reads like crazy. Since school has gotten out we have been to the library 3 times. She picks out five or six books and has them done in a couple of days. She is then begging me to go back to the library to get more. She and Connor each got Pizza Hut coupons for their reading.

She has fun with cheerleading camp. She got to spend five hours with the Portage Warriors H.S. Cheerleaders. They learned cheers, stunts and a dance routine. She got to make a fun hair tie and she received a neat backpack. She was sad that she will miss the July camp, but is excited to attend the August one. She will then perform at a football game in September.

... Your Son Did His Potty Training in the Summer?

He drops his drawers everywhere to go to the bathroom. Last summer/fall as he was potty training, he would have accident after accident while he was outside playing. I think this was because he did not want to stop playing to come inside and pee. I told him he could just pee outside. Now he is a bit out of control: At our house he has peed on the dog. At the neighbors house he peed on the play set. At some friends house he was peeing off of the back deck. At the beach it was just there in front of everyone. I think that it really just embarrasses Brian and I since all the other adults just laugh. We will have to teach him a little bit of modesty.

... You Take Three Kids Strawberry Picking?

Emeric wants to pick all of the leaves off of all of the bushes. He gets really mad at me as I pull him away. Connor picks a few strawberries for the bucket and one for his mouth, a few for the bucket and one for his mouth. That is until he gets sent to the car to have a snack and wait for us to finish. Angela was a real trooper! She picked and picked and really seemed to have fun doing it. We then made ten cups of freezer jam, had some sliced on our ice cream and used some to make milkshakes.

... Your Husband is Gone During the Summer?

We head to the park a lot. We have had a couple of picnic dinners and a couple of picnic lunches at the park. It is not as much fun planning and making big meals for just the kids and I. It is a lot more enjoyable to have something little and let them run and play for a few hours. They sleep a lot nicer too.

... You Leave the Fish Tank Empty for too Long?

Your husband and children put a snake in it. Connor has been on a big kick regarding Garter Snakes. He saw one once and has since then wanted to hold and touch one. Brian made it his mission to find Connor one. This past week at work he did. He brought it back to the kids with the thought that they would look at it, touch it and then let it go. Next thing I know Connor is asking Brian if they can put it in the fish tank. So I guess now it is a snake tank. I don't know if it will still be there when we get back from WA, but for know the kids really like it.

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