Monday, November 1, 2010


This year for Halloween all three kids had quite the time coming up with their costumes.  Angela wanted to be a ballerina, so we bought a bunch for tulle to make her tu-tu.  Last week she decided that she and I did not have the same vision for her costume and she did not want to do it.  She was told that she had to come up with something that would not cost anything since we had already spent a bunch of money for the other idea.  She ended up being an office girl.

Connor wanted to be Batman.  That never changed, I just ran into some sewing machine troubles as I was making it.  In the end it turned out fine.

Emeric was going to be Spiderman, because I had found a free costume on CraigsList.  Unfortunatly the person who listed it never followed through on meeting me.  I had a friend loan me an old costume of her son and so Emeric was a pumpkin.

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Kaitsmom said...

They all looked very good! Miss them and you guys tons!