Sunday, December 19, 2010

Charlie Brown

I have never seen A Charlie Brown Christmas, but we do have a small kids book about the movie.  It seems he has a bah humbug spirit and that everything seems to be going wrong for him.  That is how it was for me earlier this week. 

Our Chrismas tree had been set up and decorated.  We put a gate around it so that Emeric would not bother the tree or ornaments.  I guess I should have gotten a bigger stronger gate that would have kept Connor out too.  I guess he decided to climb back by the tree to get a toy or look at an ornament (I really am not sure).  All I know is that one of the tree legs broke and the whole thing fell over.  After having Angela help me retrieve all the fallen ornaments we proped it over until Brian could help fix it.  That evening he tried to fix it, and it fell over again (stand it up, pick up more ornaments).  He tried fixing it a second time, and it fell over (repeat - stand it up, pick up ornaments).  This time he stood it up, with only three legs, and tied it to the banister.

But now due to the force of gravity, and I am sure little hands it is leaning again.  

I am hoping that it will at least last us until Christmas. 

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