Monday, December 20, 2010

Is it a leopard or is it Emeric?

Thursday of last week Emeric started getting a rash all over his torso (front and back), his upper arms and the back of his neck.  By bedtime it had spread down his arms, around his neck and on his knees.  We went to the urgent care and they said give him benadryl and watch him.  The next day everything from the first day was a yucky purple bruise color and there was new red rash spots.  It was all over his head and face and thicker on his torso and there was more on his legs.  We saw the doctor that afternoon and she said it was a type of allergic reaction.  She thought it was his bodies way of responding to a virus he must have encountered.  She thinks it is viral because he was the second child she saw that day with the rash.  Saturday all of the purple spots were the yellowish/brown color of an old bruise, his red spots were purple and he had new red spots.  Sunday things were looking a lot better.  Now today he seems to have all the bruise colorings gone and just a little bit of red, but it is still all over.  Here are a few photos in chronological order.


Kaitsmom said...

Poor Guy! That looks painful. Hope he gets better soon!

Rachel said...

Scary for a mama!! Hope you are all doing ok now.