Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Thoughts

April - the fourth month of the year.  That means we are one-third of the way through 2011.  I don't think I have anything to show for myself thus far this year.  I guess the WI Jamison's will need to get doing something so that on December 31st we can look back and say, "Look at what we did!  Wasn't this a good year."   

We started the month with April Fool's Day.  Angela was told that she could not do any fooling that morning before school because she needed to get ready and so did the boys and I.  You see most mornings it is just her going somewhere, but that day was a little hectic since we all were.  That night she decided to tape the sprayer on the kitchen sink so it would get Dad when he got home.  Do you think it ever got Brian?  NO!  It only got me and twice for that matter.  The first time I left it there so it would get him and the second time he sat laughing at my as I was jumping up and down yelling that it got me again.  I didn't think it was too funny then, but I am smiling now. 

Early in the month the kids and I went to the Maple Syrup Festival in Poynette which is about 10 miles southeast of us.  We have been every spring since we moved here.  It has been fun to enjoy a pancake breakfast (or lunch) and to learn all about making maple syrup.  This year we even bought a pint of the syrup.  This is the first time we have had our very own, WI made, maple syrup.  We have purchased it for gifts to family at home but never for ourselves.  The kids have really been enjoying it on our french toast, pancakes and waffles. 

I got a call from my father in very late March telling me that he was going to send mom out for a visit on her Spring break.  We gladly said okay and enjoyed a week with Grandma.  She got to participate in Connor's speech classes, story time at the library, walks to pick up Angela from school and other normal things we do.  She and I also participated in a Ladies Night Out that the Chamber of Commerce sponsored.  We got to have lots of free snacks and drinks not to mention free door prizes.  It was a very enjoyable couple of hours and well worth the babysitter.  It was super sad to drop her off at the airport, but hopefully it won't be too long until we are back in WA to visit with all of our family.

Brian had two days of training in IA.  He went down to learn how to rubber glove.  For those that don't know, that is how to work on an energized power line with your hands.  In WA they do not rubber glove, but back here they do.  He has been doing this work for about six months or so and he is just now getting his formal schooling.  Silly if you ask me.

Brian and I got very lucky while my mom was here.  She willingly kept the kids overnight for us so that we could go away.  We haven't gotten to do that since before I got pregnant with Emeric.  We found a little Bed and Breakfast about an hour from the house.  The weather was not the best when we got there, but we did some driving around and sight seeing.  At dinner we decided to be a little wild and crazy and we ordered up a plate of steak tartar.  Both of us were a little iffy and had to talk ourselves into taking the first bite.  After the first bite we realized that it wasn't too bad and just about licked the plate clean.  I'm not too sure if we would ever order it again, because what if it is worse next time.  You never know though, it could be a lot better.  At least it is one thing to mark of the "I've done that" list.  The next day we slept in (with no little kids crying for us to get them out of the crib, or climbing all over us) and then we browsed some antique shops.  It was just wonderful to have a full night for ourselves.  

Emeric has been sick this past week with a combination of throwing up and diarrhea.  It has been no fun.  Especially having to clean the throw up that happened in the middle of Wal-Mart.  Lets just say, I have been doing a lot of laundry and the doctor said it is not going to be over just quite yet.  At least his spirits are still up and he is still my happy go lucky little boy. 

On Tuesday of this week I work up to green grass and a few snowflakes flying in the sky.  I didn't think anything would come of it.  But by bedtime that night we had three to four inches on the ground.  That day was pretty weird.  We had snow on the ground and thunder and lightening in the sky.  Not a combination I can remember.  It didn't all go away until dinnertime today.  I hope that we are done for the season.  I am wondering, if April showers are to bring May flowers, what are April snow storms to bring?  I am going to pray for lots of sunshine and heat!

Angela participated in her Spring Fling yesterday.  She sang, danced, helped with some props and rollerbladded across the stage.  This was the most she has participated in any on stage activity.  It was wonderful to watch her up there smiling and having fun. 
Tonight we just signed her up to play in the summer softball league.  She seems really excited - I hope she enjoys it.  I will try and remember to put some updates of that on here.

Easter, celebrating our Lord's resurrection, what a wonderful day!  Our first Easter here we invited some friends over to do dinner with us.  Last year we were invited to do dinner at a different families house.  This year will be just the five of us.  It should be relaxing, but until then I will be a little busy getting last minute shopping done and all of my baking done.  I have nine pies to make by Easter, one for us and the others to sell.  I know we will miss our families, but we wish that everyone has the most wonderful, happy day! 

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