Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dinner Experiment

Tomorrow I am going to try a little dinner experiment.  What for?  Just because I am a little bored and it's Spring and why not!  I am going to post on Facebook what I am making for dinner and what time dinner will be and then I am going to extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to come.  It could be absolutely crazy with a house full or it could just be the five of us.  Either way it should be a good dinner.  I'll let you know what happens!

~ Update ~

So I posted the information on Facebook and we had zero people show up.  A few people from far away commented that they would like to come.  After the fact a few people from here said they would have come had they seen it sooner.  So it was just the five of us.  Disappointed, no way.  It was just fun to think of what might happen.  maybe I will try it again another time!

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