Friday, September 9, 2011

A Week With Grandpa and Grandma

It seems like we hardly did anything while my parents were here, but it also feels like we were running just about non stop.  I guess either way you look at it could be right.

They arrived a few hours late (it seems the train is always doing that) on Monday August 15th.  I had been talking to them on the phone and knew how things were progressing, the kids did not.  Emeric was still napping when they arrived so they decided to walk to our house from the train station.  Good thing it is not that far away.  I took the kids outside to play and they were completely blown away when they saw Grandpa and Grandma walking up to our house.  We spent that day resting and relaxing and enjoying each others company.

I still had daycare kids and water aerobics to do while they were here and Brian still had to go to work.  So it felt like most any other day while they were here.  Tuesday we took a walk down to the levee next to the Wisconsin River and enjoyed some ice cream from the Popcorn stand.  Wednesday, after a really crazy day of kids, we took a couple of hours for ourselves and got a sitter for the kids.  Thursday was pretty low key, just hanging out around the house. 

Friday we celebrated Angela's birthday.  We started off with waffles with peach syrup and other toppings.  That afternoon we went and played some miniature golf.  We enjoyed an after gold appetizer and drinks.  The kids had Shirley Temple's, which crazy enough, was their first time drinking those.  Dinner was ravioli with alfredo sauce and snickers salad.  She had a two layer, round carrot cake for her birthday.  She enjoyed opening a lot of presents that day (we saved some for her actual birthday).

Saturday morning I competed in the Silver Lake Triathlon.  It was my first event of this sort and I am feeling rather proud of myself for doing it.  I was brought almost to tears at one point when I saw Brian, the kids and my parents all holding signs and cheering for me.  That afternoon we took another bit of needed adult time and toured/tasted at a local winery.  Then we shared some drinks and appetizers before heading home.
Just finishing up the swim.

Starting out on the bike.

Finishing the run.
All done at 1 hour 41 minutes and 21 seconds.  Already to do it again next year.

Sunday we spent the entire day at Lake Michigan.  I know I have blogged about it before, but we love it so much.  It is just like being on the ocean.  The day was wonderfully sunny!  Not too hot nor too cold.  It was a perfect day for enjoying ourselves and that is absolutely what we did! 

Sure enough Monday came too soon.  It was the day Mom and Dad had to leave.  The kids, Connor especially, wanted to go to McDonald's while the Grandparents were here.  So lunch on Monday was a Micky D's treat.  I was trying to tell Mom a story about the last time we were there and she had to stop me to say that that was the last time she was in Wisconsin.  I guess I don't get my kids out to the play land quite as often as some parents do.  Things are getting better with sending them home.  I had a meeting that night so the kids had a sitter.  It made it a little easier to say goodbye when we all had something else to do. 

It was a great week and I am very much looking forward to our Washington trip coming up in December!

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