Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Connor's First Fieldtrip

Connor's pre-school class took a fieldtrip to Lapacek's Orchard this morning.  It was his first time on a school bus and he was quite intrigued.  He wanted to know where the airbags were and why there were no seatbelts.  I think it must have been sort of fun that I sat right beside him and not up in the front seat. 

He really enjoyed looking out the windows and laying his head against the window and feel the shake of the bus.  At the orchard we got to pet some kittens.  We walked through a blueberry "bramble" which was rather nicely pruned and empty of any fruit.  Then we spent some time in the rows of raspberries.  The kids got to pick and eat the raspberries as a yummy appetizer. 

We were shown a peach tree and saw a bunch of chickens pecking around the apple trees.  We got to explore in a sun flower forrest and then play with some sunflower heads.  Each kid got to pick off a few seeds to take home and plant. 

Next we took a walk through part of the apple orchard.  They have over 2000 trees in 50 varieties of apple.  We then learned how to pick an apple and we got to have one for a snack.  Next was a walk to the pumpkin patch where the kids could feel and pick up some pumpkins.  Lapacek's has two emus and a bunch of goats.  We were warned to stay clear of the emus as they can get a little agressive and try to steel apples from people.  But we were encouraged to go up near the goats.  The kids even got to feed their apple cores to the goats.

Lastly was a bit of playtime at the playground and snacks before heading back to school.  It was so much fun to be a part of this with him.

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