Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March Photos of the Kids

Slightly late but here none the less.

She makes a good foreman (woman) while we are doing projects.

Something about the exercise balls that I have draws the kids into being silly.

She may want to kill me for posting that picture, so here is one of her cousin at about the same age, equally draw to being silly with the 'peas'.

He is skinny enough he can fit behind the corner cabinet.

His class had a field trip to a gymnastics studio.  Here he is just after running/bouncing down a trampoline road and jumping/flying into a foam pit.  So much fun!!

A little balance beam work.

This boy keeps me on my toes, that is for sure.  He is wearing my bikini top, his snow boats and his diaper.  He has closed himself in Harley's dog kennel and I believe he was pretending to be a lion.

Everyday it is a different "outfit".  Most days it includes some sort of swim suit (whether that be his, Connor's, Angela's or mine) or a 'dress' (often one of my tank tops) or both.  In this picture it is one of my tank tops with Connor's rash guard (swim suit top) over it.

I am not sure if I have two daughters and one son or one daughter and two sons.  Brian and I joke that we have 1 1/2 girls and 1 1/2 boys.  He is at such a super fun age that dressing up is really fun and it doesn't matter if he is a cowboy, batman or a princess.

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