Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"H" Date

We have been having some crazy computer things happening around here, so this posting is coming a bit late.

On Sunday April 1st my mother arrived for a week long vacation.  She hadn't been off the train for more than a few hours when we said, "Love you, Goodbye!" and left her in charge of the kids so Brian and I could go on a date.  This was our "H" Date!  We went to the Corner Pocket (our favorite local place) and had some hamburgers.  Brian had a tenderloin steak one and I had a bacon and egg burger.  After some good conversation we headed to the movie theater to watch the Hunger Games.  We both really enjoyed the book series and were looking forward to the movie.  It was enjoyable, but we were left wondering why do movies always change things from the books?  This was a pretty low key date but it makes sense since it was a work night for Brian.

I wonder what "I" will have in store for us?  Any ideas?


bindijean said...

Irish Dancing
Ice Wine Tasting
Ichiban Rest. in Madison
Inner-Galactic Travel
Get matching Ink

lajamison said...

I like your "inked" idea. We did joke about that. That restaurant sounds yummy. I miss you!