Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of School

Today was Angela and Connor's first day of school.
Angela is starting 6th grade with much trepidation.  She is nervous about the very strict teacher she has (she had her in 3rd grade).  She is nervous about the new things she will learn and how hard they may be.  She is nervous about keeping and building friendships.  The whole thing is just not something she was looking forward to.  That is why she surprised the heck out of me this morning.  She jumped out of bed and got ready in record time.  She was happy and pleasant all morning long.  She even gave me a kiss outside the school, although she wouldn't let me walk up to her room.  I pray for a great first day for her so that she will be excited for the rest of the year.
Connor is starting Kindergarten with much excitement.  His teacher has been teaching for 20+ years and still shows an amazing enthusiasm for the kids.  That has got Connor so ready to go in and have school with her.  He is ready for two recesses out on the playground.  He is very ready to experience hot lunches for the first time.  He is excited to make new friends and to play in his classroom.  He also got ready pretty well today.  This will be a bit of a tough week or so for him since he will be going full days, but I think there will be so much fun for him that he will be okay.  I was almost in tears this morning as he told me I could not walk him back to his classroom.  Fortunately we had some papers for the teacher so that was my excuse to take him back.  Thankfully, since that saved me the embarrassment of crying in front of everyone.
***Apology Time***
For those that have been watching the blog over the summer and have been constantly wondering where the next post is, I am sorry.  I believe I suffer from a bad case of C.R.S. and frequently the blog (and the camera) get forgotten.  I will be updating and adding some things over the next couple of days ~ so stay tuned!

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bindijean said...

I am so proud of both of them. Heres to hopeing all of you have a great first day.