Thursday, September 6, 2012

"K" Date

On August 17th Brian and I borrowed some river kayaks from some friends and we headed out for some evening fun.  We put into the Wisconsin River right off of Conant and Summit Streets.  Once into the river we paddled west under the I-39 bridge.  We continued that direction for a while.  Of course this was all upstream so I did not get to take too many breaks.  But the sun and water were beautiful!  We probably paddled for around an hour when we decided it was time to head back.  The ride back downstream was obviously much faster.  It was pretty fun to not have to paddle at all yet we still moved through the water, and quickly too.  For most of the whole trip the water was probably no deeper 2 feet (give or take a little).  Unfortunately, for me, there were a couple of times that I ended up getting "beached".  The entire time on the river was so peaceful and relaxing.  We finished up the date with a little dinner and drinks at the Corner Pocket, where everyone knows our name!!


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