Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who Is It?

Aren't these curls super cute.  They just wisp off of his head.  I know it is most definitely time for a hair cut, but he is not ready for one and I love the look of it.

Happy Emeric!

I love the holes of missing teeth.  I am not very good at reminding him to wiggle the teeth but it is super cute to see the smiles when they are gone. 

Of course, Connor is 'hamming' it up in front of the camera!

Beautiful, long, toned, young lady legs!  She would kill me if she knew that I typed that but boy oh boy she is growing into such an amazing young woman.  I am so very proud to have her as my daughter!

You got it, my gorgeous Angela!!

Do you recognize this man with the beard that is oh so short?

He decided it was time for things to be trimmed up a bit.  Boy is he still as handsome as ever!

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