Monday, February 9, 2009


On Friday (2/6), Angela got to play hooky from school and Brian got to play hooky from work. We took Connor to a babysitter and the three of us spent a day at the ski hill. We joined up with a local homeschooling group to get discounted tickets. There was a bunch of time lost due to waiting for our large group to get organized. Once we were out on the snow we had just over an hour until Angela's lesson. Brian and I figured that since we have both skied before, we could help get her started. After a few minutes of teaching at the bottom of the "Bunny Hill" we hopped on the chair lift. We took a few more minutes to teach at the top of the hill and then down we went. She had a great time and was a quick learner. After lunch we put her into her lesson. Unfortunately after our hour with her, she was past the level of the lesson, only we didn't know that until the lesson was over. Overall it was a fun and wonderful day for all of us, beautiful and sunny and full of fun adventure.

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