Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angela's First Swim Meet

Angela had her first swim meet last night about an hour away from home. It was held at a fitness center whose pool was smaller than a normal 25 yards. That was a-o-kay especially for her first meet. The pool room was super hot and Connor and I were dripping sweat. Angela had it lucky getting to get into the water. She spent a little bit of time warming up with the other team members, but most of the warm up time was spent playing around. Once the meet started and her team mates were cheering each other on she was covering her ears. It was really loud in there with the echo and such. I had to encourage her to take her hands down and cheer on her team. For this meet she did not get to choose her events, the coach placed her into events of his choice. She competed in the 25 free, 25 back, 25 fly and was the second leg in the 100 free relay. She did a great job in all of her events although she did come in last in all of her heats. There were numerous heats per event and we won't know what she placed until they get all the results compiled. They said they would get the information to our coach in about a week. She said that racing made her really tired and she wanted to crawl out of the pool like a worm. She also said that she had a lot of fun. After the end of one of her races I was asking her to get out of the pool, but she asks, "can't I stay in and play?" It was difficult for her to just swim her race and get out to watch everyone else. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to post. I was video taping her races and trying to keep Connor from jumping into the pool. So I didn't have a free hand to take pictures too. Maybe at her next meet Brian and I will both be able to be there and we can get both video and still photos.

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