Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Cards

Okay, I am a little behind for my preference, but I finally got all the Christmas cards sealed and stamped this morning. They will be heading out into the mail this afternoon. I put the photos in at about 5:30 AM, so if you normally receive a photo from us and it's not in there, please forgive me.
I recently participated in a swap, which was a lot of fun. You sign up online through people's personal blogs. Then you get assigned a partner and you swap an item(s) that are with in the swaps criteria. Very fun like I said. I sent my box off to Louisiana and it got me thinking, where do I send all my mail. This is where all my Christmas cards went: Washington, Idaho, Wisconsin, Arizona, Utah, Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, New York and Japan.
Where did your cards go to?

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