Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

WOW - we wait for months upon months for this day to come and then it is gone in the blink of an eye. Angela had to go and wake up Connor so that they could come downstairs and see what Santa had brought them. Angela received a guitar, Connor got a duck hunter toy and Emeric got an inchworm toy. They were all very happy. We had a good time opening stockings and playing with the big Santa gifts. After that we enjoyed a yummy breakfast casserole and some fruit. The kids really wanted to open presents, but mean mom said we had to clean up breakfast and get dressed first. We did a really good job cluttering up the living room with all sorts of wrapping paper. We all got some wonderful gifts. It was really funny to hear Brian say before he opened a present, "I hope they are socks" and sure enough they were. Angela was opening hers so fast that I had to keep reminding her to read the gift tags. Connor didn't quite get that he needed to open them all and he just wanted to play with the toy that was right in front of him. And Emeric, well he will be into it a lot more next year. We really missed everyone that was not here with us. I made some good use out of my Christmas Card Tree to remind us off all the family and friends that were far away. We spent the afternoon playing with all of our fun new things, the highlight of my day was setting up the starting of my (Willow Tree) Nativity Set. We also got to have some fun playing on my brother's Wii. This year we opted out of a traditional turkey/ham dinner and enjoyed seafood alfredo instead. It was a very yummy treat full of fish, crab, shrimp and scallops. By time we all fell into bed that night we were very exhausted, but we did have a wonderful Christmas.

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Ruhammie said...

That Christmas card tree is a really cute idea!! I usually tape them all to the back of the front door in the shape of a tree. :) We missed you guys this holiday season. Since I am not working, we had more dinner nights with friends in our own little house. With just two extra people, it was cozy, but nice. I can't wait to have your family over for dinner again....soon, someday soon.