Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chula Vista

My parents rode the train out here to visit us for the week of Christmas.  They arrived on Monday December 20th.  Unfortunately their train was running a little bit late so instead of arriving at lunch time it was dinner time, but regardless we were all really happy that they were here.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent playing and having fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  They kids and my parents seemed to do everything they could to soak each other up.  Then on Thursday we spent the day at Chula Vista water park in Wisconsin Dells.  Last year we went end Emeric did not do much of anything but sleep and play with Grandma, he was three months at the time.  This year he walked/crawled around in the water and loved playing with the jets of water that would spray up out of the ground.  Connor had fun on the little water slides and he had a lot of fun climbing around on the big play toy.  Angela ran of for hours at a time going on slide after slide.  She didn't seem to have any fear, except for the one we call the toilet bowl.  Brian got to some of the bigger stuff, but ended up spending a lot of time with Connor.  I did the roller coaster water slide with Angela a couple of times, but the rest of the time was spent mostly with Emeric.  My Dad spent his time with all three grand kid's and he also did some time in the hot tub.  Mom held down the table for us and enjoyed some time with her book and taking photos.  She also did a really good job getting Emeric to nap after lunch.  It was such a fun day for all of us and boys did the kids sleep good that night.

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