Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bunny!

Last year I found a baby bunny under Brian's truck.  I thought it would be so fun to catch.  Why, I don't know.  I have no idea what I would have done with it had I caught it.  But I guess I didn't need to worry about it because just as I was about to get it, Angela tried to help and it darted off.  That turned into one of those "You know when..." stories that the kids and I would tell Brian. 

This past Sunday Brian and I were planting some flowers when we must have scared up another bunny.  I don't think it was a newborn but it definitely was not full grown.  We launched ourselves into a ten to fifteen minute bunny hunt.  We recruited the kids to help get a box and guard areas of the fence/yard.  At one point we thought it was gone but then we found it again.  There were so many laughs and squeals of joy as we were trying to catch it.  Finally we caught it.
Again, I don't know why?  We had no intention of heading down to the TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) to buy a hutch and other rabbit equipment.  I really didn't want another animal to haul to the vet and take care of.  But it was really cute.  We let the kids watch over it while we finished our planting.  Then we let it go.  Angela was a little sad but seemed to understand.  Connor was devastated and cried for nearly a half an hour.  Today he put carrot pieces onto the sidewalk trying to lure it back to us.  Emeric just liked looking at it and laughing but since it is gone he is okay.  I guess until next time it will be a memory for the big kids.

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Ruhammie said...

Cute! It actually looks like a wild breed, its good you let it go. We had one growing up for about ten years, but it was the domesticated white one with brown ears and legs.