Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter 2011

My oh my, Easter 2011.  The afternoon before Easter a friend and I had gone out for a little bit of shopping.  Brian ended up having to call me home because he had gotten called to go to St. Louis, Missouri to help restore power.  We had a babysitter all lined up for that evening so we could go on a date.  When he called he said that he had canceled her.  I had to have him call he back and confirm since I still had to do most of my Easter basket shopping and all of my grocery shopping for that week.  I had not prepared anything for Easter day because I just assumed that I would have Brian there to help me.  To say the least, it was a long crazy night.  I got the kids in bed and the sitter came.  I did all of my shopping.  I had some pies to make for a lady a church, my breakfast for at home and the casserole for brunch at church to get done that night.  I got the baskets all set up and the eggs all stuffed.  I was outside with my flashlight at 12:30 AM hiding eggs.  After a few short hours of sleep, it was time to get up with the kids. 

I headed downstairs to find our monkey bread had exploded out of the pan.
I had to stuff the pieces back into the pan and it seemed to turn out okay.  Emeric seemed to think it was very neat to find a pile of goodies just for him.   
All three kids really seemed excited to see that they had new toys and treats waiting for them. Connor loved opening the curtains to see eggs hidden (or not hidden) outside. I think he most liked the fact that there were three eggs on the trampoline.  They all three got flavored squeeze applesauces.  This was somethings they had never had before and the novelty of it seemed good.  We might have to try these as special treats when we travel. 
Connor got some new books for his tag reader that he was pretty excited about.
Angela seemed to really enjoy her new sun hat.  She wore it all day, although I have not seen her wear it since.
After breakfast it was time to head outside to get the Easter eggs.  I made the kids all stop to show off there Easter clothes and smiles.  Connor in all of his Easter finery always loves to pose for pictures.
Angela with her new glasses and looking just as beautiful as always.  She is another one that loves the pictures.
Emeric usually loves getting his picture taken too.  But he was caught up in all of the excitement and didn't want to stop for pictures this morning.
They are just antsy to go.  So I'll snap this picture quickly and let the get outside to hunt for eggs.
Emeric loved finding the eggs, but he didn't get the idea of searching for them.  We had to point them all out to him.
Angela got to find all of the high eggs.  There were quite a few that were put into some high and awkward places just to see how she could do.  She thought it was a blast having to find them.
Connor was running so quickly to try and find all the partially hidden eggs.  He was told he had to leave all the easy ones, such as the one on the deck behind him, for Emeric.  Even though they were each supposed to get a dozen eggs I believe he came in with a full bucket.  We had to separate them once he came into the house.
After going through the eggs we headed off to church.  We had brunch there and another egg hunt.  That afternoon we just relaxed around the house.  I took the kids to the park to play after Emeric's nap.  It was a beautiful day for playing on the toys.  That night dinner was very light.  I did not cook a big, full Easter dinner since Brian was gone.  Even thought he was gone and we missed him so much, I think it was a good day for the kids.

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