Sunday, March 25, 2012

Felix The Cat

This past Sunday (March 18th) we added a new member to our family, Felix, the cat!  He is a Maine Coon kitten, 4 months old.  Brian had a Maine Coon while growing up and really wanted to get another one, Angela has always wanted a cat; they wore me down and here he is.

He really has been a very sweet cat and a lot of fun for all of us!


Brightsmove said...

OMG. My daughter had Maine Coon. He grew to be so huge. More of a personality of a dog. Definitely a real family cat. We lost him a couple of years ago, but I saw your photo and remembered his face. Never held a grudge.


bindijean said...

Tim talks about that cat all the time. He always tells the story of it taking showers with the family. When he see's this he will be green. So is it an indoor/outdoor cat?