Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Cleaver

There is this dress that I have been wanting to wear for a while now.  It is a little more of a "dressy" dress so I have been waiting to wear it to church.  Since we have been taking the boat out so much we have missed church the past few weeks.  Therefore, yesterday I decided to wear it.  It needed a little something to "make" the outfit so I wore my pearls.  Of course it also needed a pair of heals.  As soon as I was finished I felt like June Cleaver ready to tend house and kids.  See that last part...I still had a house to pick up from the weekend and a total of five extra kids and my three to watch.  I don't know how June did it.  I only wore the heals when I ran my two quick errands.  I was sweeping and breaking a sweat which just seemed wrong in the nice dress.  It doesn't seem to matter if I get dirty and sweaty in a casual dress but it felt all sorts of wrong in this one.  But boy did it feel good when I would walk past a mirror and see how feminine I looked, that was fun!

Later today I was taking the laundry down off the clothes line.  I was barefoot but thinking, how did she do it with her heels.  She either had to stay on her toes the whole time or poke holes in the dirt.  So she either built up her calves or aerated the lawn.  I guess it is a positive either way. 

It was lots of fun when Brian got home!  To see the look on his face!  The Ward really liked coming home to June.  ; )


bindijean said...

You met him at the door with a martini and his slippers, right?

Ruhammie said...

This was just too neat! It put a huge smile on my face. That's just awesome!