Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Door County

On October 5th - 7th we went camping in Door County, WI.  It is the little thumb like part of the state that sticks out into Lake Michigan.  We went up there because we had heard it was absolutely beautiful, especially in the fall.  We also went up there because we had hoped to take our boat out into Lake Michigan so that we could say we had boated on a great lake.  It was quite chilly and cold up there.  The kids never seemed to mind.  They just put on their extra layers and headed out to explore and build forts and whatever else kids do when they have mostly free reign.  Then when they got too cold they would come back for a snack and some hot cocoa.  We wanted to take the boat out on Saturday but the wind was up and the waves we absolutely way too high.  We ended up just driving around and sight seeing.

It was a great weekend for just relaxing and having some quiet, family downtime.  Not to mention it was wonderful visiting all of the wineries, breweries and distilleries that were up there!

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