Monday, October 22, 2012

September Photos of the Kids

On the first day of school, while all the kids were sleeping or gone, I filled up 12 dozen water balloons.  Then as soon as they got home from school we got into our swim suits and had a great time attacking each other!

Angela, Emeric, Brody and Connor getting ready to have some fun!
The boys, Emeric and Brody, are guarding their water balloon pile.
You better run a little faster Angela, Connor is right behind you.

 It is so much fun to get your sister with the water balloons!

That is....until she gets you back!

One day, when Brian got home from work a little earlier than normal, we decided to play a little game.  They kids and I all got our (large) squirt guns ready
we gave dad his (small) noisy cricket
and we proceeded to have a great squirt gun fight!  The kids had a blast getting Brian and I.  Then for awhile it turned into all of them against me.  I kept trying to get it to be all against dad but that didn't work too well.  At the very end Brian dumped the water bucket all over Angela.

Unfortunately, now the weather is a little too cold for playing like that.  Until next Spring when things warm up......


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