Friday, October 5, 2012


Ohhhhhhhhh our "M" date was exquisite!  (I don't know that Brian would have used that word, but I know he really liked it too!)
We started out getting a half hour mini-facial immediately followed by an hour long couples massage.  When we got done we went out looking for dinner.  This was in a neighboring town so we were not familiar with the places to eat and we got a recommendation from the front desk girl.  On our way to the restaurant we got side tracked by a sign offering free wine tasting.  This was a little brewery that was more fruity sweet wines.  Not too bad.  At the restaurant....OH!....we had a great meal!  We started out with baked Bree in a sauce of roasted red peppers and other goodness.  Then we had a cup of carrot potato soup - YUM.  Dinner was a jerk chicken sandwich it wasn't too bad but then I got drawn into the special board.  Sea Scallops.  Off course I needed to try those.  They were in a sauce with another sauce on top and they literally melted in your mouth.  The flavor combinations were phenomenal.  I think I could have stayed there all night just eating plate after plate of those.  They were the highlight of my night.  We slowly started making our way back to the car when this store front caught our eyes.  It had looked closed when we first walked by but not it was all lite up.  Con Amici Wine Bar.  What a fun little place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine.  We found out they had only been open a couple of weeks.  We are glad they were there because it finished off our date nicely.  Plus, we already plan on heading back.  Cheers!

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