Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Summer Home

We have been living at the Trailer' Inn RV Park in Bellevue for the past five weeks.  It truly has been an experience.  

As you know just under five years ago, when we moved to Wisconsin, we lived in our 5th Wheel for about six months.  This 5th wheel was MMMM feet long.  It had to bedrooms (with doors) and the living room had a slide out that made it a little bigger.  We were there in the winter time so everything was sealed up and we did have to stay inside a lot due to the cold.  Not to mention, there were only four of us in there.

Now, there are five of us (and a cat) and we are living in a 9 1/2 foot camper that sits in the back of our truck.  

The bed over the cab holds Brian and I.  There is a small space beside our bed that is Emeric's "baby" bed.  Angela sleeps on the table bed and the cupboards above that turn into a bunk that Connor sleeps on.  

It is summer time which has been a life saver.  God has been sending us nice sunny weather!!  We have been playing outside a lot.  The kids ride bikes, we take walks, they play at the playground and we go to the pool.  

There are other kids who live at the campground too plus the ones who are here for a little time.  That gives my kids others to play with.  The clubhouse has nice hot showers and a nice coin-op laundry.  

Even though we are pretty squished in the camper, it has been a pretty good summer so far.

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