Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RV Park

We have been in Washington for about a month and a half.  The first week was moving from WI to WA.  Then we were in the campground for two weeks.  Next was a week camping on the beach and a week at my parent's house.  Now we are back at the campground.  I will be taking some pictures of the camper and the RV park to show you all a little about where we live, but for now here are a few pictures.

Angela learned that she could fit Emeric on her bike seat (he balances his feet on the top of her shocks) and she can ride him around with her.  He has so much fun being a part of the big kid's activities.

Connor enjoys biking too.

Grandma, Aunt Teri and Hilary came over to visit us.  The kids thought it was great fun to show them around "our space".

I took them out to get their hair cut before we went to spend our week on the beach.  Everything was a little bit shorter for the hot weather.

Angela had a lot of fun jumping off of Grandpa's boat.  Later in our trip Connor and Emeric got into it too and all three of them have been having a lot of fun.  It is so nice that we have a pool here to play in and then the lakes and rivers when we go to visit the family.

Emeric and I took cousin Gabe on a tube ride with us.  Both boys were super brave to go fast behind the boat and they both seemed to have a lot of fun.

Grandma Phyllis enjoyed seeing all of her great-grandkids.  Cousin Jack and Emeric enjoy the snacks and love she hands out.

Grandpa and Grandma took the kids on a 'safari' ride one evening before dinner.  The kids had a great time riding around the property. 

The kids learned a song about a moose while they were at VBS.  They have had so much fun singing it and so many other songs.  I love watching them being so silly.

Now that I have figured out how to get back onto the blog I will try and get a few more things onto here.  Brian and I are way behind on our ABC dating but we do have a T and U planned out.  As soon as we get them in I will update you.  It is much harder to get out on dates when you don't know any babysitters.  Fortunately we have family that will be watching the kids in a couple of weeks so that we can get a couple nights to ourselves.  I am really looking forward to that.  Happy July!!

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