Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Weekend Away!!!

On July 26th-28th we were very blessed (by our Jamison parents) to get a weekend with no kids.  We drove over on Friday and dropped them off.  Then we went to check into our hotel room.  When we opened the door to our room, to our surprise, it was already occupied.  There was luggage and other things spread around the room.  After getting a new room we relaxed and enjoyed our evening.  Saturday day we bummed around, just enjoying time with each other.  That evening we went out to Adventure Dynamics in the Nine Mile Falls area of Spokane for a couples date night. 

(Brian taking the leap of faith)
 (Laci taking the leap of faith)
It was so much fun working together to complete the various low and high ropes activities.  The next day we went for a run and then picked up the kids.  It was really nice to have the weekend away especially with all of the stress of moving and changing jobs.

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