Friday, March 20, 2009

Change of Homes

We signed papers on our house yesterday afternoon at 4 PM. Then it was a mad dash rush to get everything cleaned up at the camper and get it all into town. We got to the camper and I made a quick dinner. After eating, I readied the camper for travel and Brian packed up all the outside things to make a quick run into town. We headed into town and unloaded our first load of things, then headed back to the campground. Once there it was a little after 7 PM. It took us a lot longer, to get the 5th wheel attached and the rest of the things into the truck, than we had anticipated. The kids were great though. The stayed inside the truck and played. At one point, when I checked on them, they were both sitting in the front seat snuggled under a blanket looking up at the stars. It was way too cute! It was about 9 PM when we left the campground. We realized that sleeping in the house last night was not really an option (I wanted to get it cleaned first), therefore we stayed in the trailer. Of course we had to park the wrong way so that we could open up the slides away from the street so that we could sleep. Then Brian had to start work at 3:00 this morning. I have been cleaning and moving things into the house all morning. I decided to have Connor nap in the camper since it is all set up for him still. As Angela and I were sitting here doing school there was a knock on the door. A police officer was here and said that someone had complained about where we were parked. I tried to explain our situation and the fact that Brian should be moving it this evening. But, he said that since someone had made the complaint he had to issue us a ticket. It wasn't very expensive, but it was not a very nice welcome to the neighborhood. Very frustrating too. I am now waiting for Brian to get home from work to share the "happy" news with him.

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Ruhammie said...

That would be SO frustrating! They had to know it was up for sale and that it's just temporary, I bet you have a cranky old neighbor nearby...honestly!! It kinda really angers me. >:| Now I would go to each neighbor to introduce ourselves with a plate of cookies. SWEET introdutions. :)