Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

36', that is the length of our 5th wheel. For a weekend or even a week of camping that is pretty large. For a year round house it is a little on the small side. I first thought it would be like a single wide trailer, but I think it is much smaller than even one of those. We have all been living on top of each for much too long and are starting to get a bit of cabin fever or camper snap. Neither of which is good. Therefore, we started looking at homes to buy. Being that we will be here for a minimum of 3 1/2 more years we thought buying was a better investment of our money than renting. No, Brian's job did not all of a sudden become stationed in one location. He still has the very definite possibility of moving around Wisconsin. When the job locations changes he would be gone one week at a time. While away from home, he could either stay in the camper or in a hotel. It is not ideal, but it would allow the kids and I to get some more stability in our lives. We found a house in town Portage that suits our needs. Here is the reality listing for you to look at.
-search listing
-select city, Portage
-202 E. Franklin
Hope you enjoy looking (the gal sure did like color). We put an offer in, she accepted, and we are looking at a closing date of March 20th. Unfortunately, Brian has to work that entire weekend. Maybe the kids and I can do some moving in while he is working. Since all of our boxes and furniture are in WA, we will be living with a bare minimum from the camper. Hopefully in early summer we will be able to arrange something to get our things from there to here. Like we have said from the beginning, this is just one big adventure!

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Ruhammie said...

That house is SO CUTE!!! I LOVE IT!! I wish is were here though...for that price you could never find anything that big. I have to send you an email on painting advice and tips, the blue is a bit vibrant for me. :)