Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Fever

On Saturday our temperature highs were in low 50s. We spent a couple of hours outside soaking up the sun. We took a 3 1/2 mile walk and just really enjoyed our day of nice weather. Then, on Sunday our highs were in the mid to high 50s. What a nice treat to have another day of nice weather. I talked to my family in Washington and they said that the temp was in the mid 30s and it was snowing. I ended up getting Connor up early from his nap (he wasn't sleeping) so that we could spend some much needed family time outside. We played Frisbee, catch, Angela rode her bike and Connor played in some mud puddles. All afternoon the front door was open with just the screen door shut. It was heavenly to have all of that sun and warmth seeping into the house. Now today our highs are predicted to be in the mid 60's and tomorrow they think it could hit 70! I believe that we will be outside again. It is much nicer playing outside than being cooped up in the camper. My big fear is the fact that this will all go away soon and we will be back to the harsh realities of winter. Hopefully soon Spring will be here to stay.

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Ruhammie said...

SO LUCKY!! We had a nice layer of snow/hail last night, I believe it melted today. I can't wait for that warm weather!